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Breeze Webcam Photobooth 2.4-圖片瀏覽軟件
非常優秀的圖片瀏覽軟件,Breeze Webcam Photobooth最新版帶給有需要的用戶們,該軟件擁有快速簡單的方法來瀏覽和選擇不斷增長的數碼照片集,可以使用網絡攝像頭Photobooth運行全自動照相亭所需要的只是標準的網絡攝像頭,Windows計算機和打印機,如有需要快到本站下載Breeze Webcam Photobooth最新版進行使用吧。

The powerful and versatile browser based tool for viewing and manipulating digital images. Do you need a fast and simple way to browse and select from your growing collection of digital photos or to create sophisticated web page image galleries without needing to learn HTML? Perhaps you need to rotate, crop and save your JPEG’s without any loss of quality or work with images in their RAW format. From batch processing to proof sheets, from posting to printing, from file format conversion to batch processing IPTC data or preserving EXIF information during JPEG or TIFF conversion...

What is Webcam Photobooth?
A webcam version of our acclaimed photo booth software used by professional event photographers around the world. All you need to run a fully automatic photo booth using Webcam Photobooth is a standard webcam, a Windows computer and a printer. Any Windows compatible USB webcam should work with Webcam Photobooth, however for best results use a high quality webcam such as the Microsoft Lifecam Cinema HD, Microsoft LifeCam Studio, Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 HD, Logitech C920 HD Webcam or Logitech C910 HD Webcam. These webcams give good quality results even in poor lighting conditions and have autofocus and a wide angle lens making it easier to take pictures of groups of people in the photobooth.

Software to run a professional, fully featured photo and video booth using a webcam
Capture photos and print them out automatically and share via email, Facebook, Twitter or text.
Create and share "boomerang" animated GIFs or animated GIF slideshows.
Photos can be captured in color, B&W, toned (e.g. sepia) or using Instagram style filters.
Shoot green screen and replace a green background with a virtual background

Whats New:
Added support for displaying an animated GIF in photo booth screens
Animated countdowns can now use an animated GIF which can be displayed over the live view display
Ready screen can now display an optional overlay (ready_overlay.png)
Added new Instagram style filters in photo booth mode
Photo booth setup wizard enhanced to support choosing the number of copies to print in the print confirmation screen and the creation of 'boomerang' animated GIFs
Optional tags added to the XML settings format to allow advanced users to create location independent settings files to make it easier to share settings on different photo booths
Fixed a problem with Facebook users not being logged out after uploading photos
Added support for drawing on or signing the print layout before printing or sharing
Added support for modifying photos before printing e.g. using Adobe Photoshop droplets
Live view cropping now supports vertical "letter box" style cropping in addition to horizontal cropping
New touchscreen actions added for increasing or decreasing the number of copies to print in the print confirmation screen. The print confirmation screen now uses different backgrounds according to the number of copies e.g. confirm_printing_1.jpg, confirm_printing_2.jpg etc.
The number of touchscreen actions has been increased from 18 to 45
Now uses unicode for improved support for different languages
Added a "DPI aware" display option when running on high DPI screens