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FTI FormingSuite 2019.0.0.21976.6 - 快速沖壓成型與下料優化仿真軟件
世界領先的軟件設計.仿真開發和成本優化.鈑金分析 FTI 公司,宣佈FormingSuite 2017全球發行。
對汽車零部件企業,在鈑金沖壓件分析和成本優化方面有一套世界領先的軟件解決方案——來自加拿大的FTI(Forming Technologies Intanc),世界領先的沖壓成形性分析和成本計算軟件。
成立於1989年的加拿大成形技術公司(FTI)是世界領先的鈑金軟件解決方案的供應商,FTI 所開發的Forming Suite軟件主要應用於鈑金設計、可行性分析和鈑金零部件成本計算。FTI軟件每年都在不斷的進行更新,目前FTI6.0版在原來軟件的基礎上增加了新的功能,如級進模排樣等。在過去的18年裡,FTI為汽車、航空航天、電子及器械等工業領域的OEM廠商和供應商提供了創新的解決方案, 大大縮短了開發時間和節省了材料成本。
除了優秀的產品,FTI還提供了國際一流的沖壓成形、模具設計和銲接培訓教程,經其培訓的認證工程師超過12000名。FTI 通過全球代理網絡提供銷售和技術服務。

FTI FormingSuite 2019.0.0.21976.6 | 
Forming Technologies Inc. (FTI) the industry’s leading developer of solutions for design, simulation, planning and costing of sheet metal components, announced the worldwide release of FormingSuite 2019.

Designed for sheet metal cost estimators,FTI Ann design engineers, tooling designers, and advanced planning engineers in the automotive, aerospace, consumer product and electronics industries, FormingSuite 2019 delivers new customer-driven features for costing/estimating parts, developing method plans, and formability simulation.

FormingSuite’s ability to provide extensive valuable information on many topics including formability, material cost, tooling cost, springback, etc. has led to the introduction of a new, comprehensive reporting system that automatically generates a single report summarizing an entire project in either Excel or PowerPoint format.

Demand for utilizing FTI expertise in quoting and estimating tooling for sheet metal components has resulted in powerful enhancements and functionalities to COSTOPTIMIZER Professional (COP). COP’s ProcessPlanner solution brings the tooling and manufacturing method planning activities to the lead position in the industry by addressing critical customer challenges. To provide the flexibility needed by the global automotive marketplace, ProcessPlanner now supports regional settings to customize both die sizing and costing. Advancements such as improved die load for flanging operations, die estimation parameters for tandem process and user defined shut height settings for each die in tandem lineup are amongst a multitude of new features. FormingSuite 2019 also improves stamping feature recognition, process generation, process validation, simplifies process editing and produces better-quality reports.

FormingSuite 2019 brings advances in material cost modeling as this release introduces users to a new, easier and more flexible method for creating and editing variable addendum on blank shapes by interactively morphing (dragging) curves. Focus has been on improving support for DFM and KPR studies with customizable results ranges for numerical results (major, minor, thickness strains, safety margin) to address organizational standards for formability as well as improved reporting which include springback results. Cost Optimization layout editing adds support for cropping two different parts during optimization. A powerful new Progressive Nesting Web Simulation solver has also been introduced to provide engineers fast and accurate simulation to understand the impact of web design on the cost and method plan.

FASTIncremental users can now import scanned data to replace tooling meshes and now have more precise controls for timing of tools and cams. Materials can be defined with full anisotropic (plastic strain ratio) accounting for the rolling direction of the sheet material with r0 (parallel), r45 (diagonal) and r90 (transverse) as determined through material testing. Large organizations can now use FASTIncremental with a networked LS-DYNA solver.

FTI FormingSuite 2019.0.0.21976.6
Product: FTI FormingSuite
Version: 2019.0.0 Build 21976.6
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Language: multilanguage
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP SP3 or later - Windows 7 is highly recommended