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mAirList Audio Logger Professional Edition 1.3.6 Build 181-音頻錄製工具
mAirList Audio Logger提供簡單的錄音功能,可以讓用戶在你的電腦上錄音,可以連接到多個設備,從你的音樂設備上錄製聲音,大家都知道電腦是可以錄製聲音的,如果你的電腦有音頻設備和錄音軟件就可以立即錄製聲音,這裡小編提供的是mAirList Audio Logger錄音軟件,你可以在軟件配置錄製設備,可以在軟件設置錄製的方案,可以設置MP4編碼,可以設置錄製的比特率,可以設置輸出的格式,也支持郵件提醒,功能很多.

Main Features:

All Audio Logger licenses come with a single recording slot, but you can purchase an unlimited number of extra slots to make Audio Logger a multi-slot recording and monitoring solution.

Automatic Recording and Cleanup
Audio Logger is designed to record audio signales continuously around the clock. It splits the recordings into files of a configurable duration (default is one hour), and deletes old recordings automatically when they reach a particular age (again, configurable) or when disk space gets low.

DirectSound, WASAPI, ASIO
Audio Logger can record line-in signals from any DirectSound (WDM), WASAPI or ASIO compliant sound card. Stereo inputs can be split into mono internally if required.

Stream Input
As an alternative to soundcard line-in signals, Audio Logger can also download and record Shoutcast/Icecast/WMA streams.

Various Output Options
Audio Logger supports a variety of audio formats for output, including WAV, MP3 and Ogg Vorbis (subject to codecs available on your PC and in your country).

Integrated Silence Detection
You can configure a silence theshold for each slot. Audio Logger can send an e-mail when the audio drops below this level for a given duration (and when the signal is restored again), and make HTTP calls to external surveillence systems to report those conditions.

Additional Features in the Professional Edition:

With the streaming option, the audio from each slot can be streamed to a Shoutcast or Icecast compatible streaming server

Built-in Web Server
Using the built-in web interface, you can access and download the recordings straight from your web browser.

The built-in web server includes a REST API that can be used to access status and recording information from third-party software, or to build a monitoring and silence detection solution with Nagios or Icinga.

What's new:
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