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TeraCopy Pro v3.12 Final 多語言中文正式註冊版-文件複製和移動工具
TeraCopy Pro 是一款旨在實現以最快的速度(每秒接近百兆)在Windows 環境下移動/複製文件的工具軟件,這個是國外大神製作的綠色版,單文件,本身已經整合了註冊信息,無需註冊,沒任何時間和功能限制,下載後直接執行即可。

TeraCopy Pro以智能緩衝技術挖掘在文件傳輸時的最優速度,同時為了保障文件在移動、複製時的安全性,TeraCopy內置了錯誤恢復功能,即使在文件傳輸過程中遇到意外錯誤,TeraCopy 也將重複嘗試,即使遇到更糟的情況,嘗試不成功,TeraCopy也只是跳過該文件,並不會終止整個移動、複製過程 。

當你決定使用TeraCopy來代替Windows 默認的複製、移動文件功能時,你無需為TeraCopy創建桌面快捷方式,它會自動集成在資源管理器的右鍵,你可以更方便、更快速、更安全的使用 TeraCopy來複製、移動文件!

-更快的複製/移動文件:TeraCopy 使用動態調整磁盤緩衝區,以減少尋道時間。異步複製加速兩個物理硬盤之間的文件傳輸。
-錯誤恢復保護機制:遇到複製錯誤,TeraCopy 會自動重新嘗試,即使嘗試不成功也只是跳過該文件,並不會終止整個傳輸。
-可以和著名的文件管理器Total Commander和Directory Opus整合在一起!方便你快速的移動和複製文件!
-與Windows資源管理器緊密集成:TeraCopy 完全可以替換資源管理器中複製和移動功能,像往常一樣甚至比以往更方便地傳輸文件。
-原生支持Windows 7/Windows 10 X64

TeraCopy Change Log

Version 3.12

– Fixed: SQL Engine error.
– Fixed: Random crash while scrolling files.
– Updated: language files.

Version 3.0.8

– “Clear Transfer History” menu item.
– Closing application while copying.
– Fixed: drag and Drop from 7-Zip File Manager causes Unable to Access error.
– Fixed: drag and Drop from Filezilla causes Unable to Access error.
– Fixed: TeraCopy does not handle command line as expected.
– Fixed: folder names with dots are handled incorrectly by TeraCopy.
– Fixed: copied files have their “Date Modified” set to the current date/time.
– Fixed: active area of close buttons.

Version 3.0

– Improved Destination File Dialog
– Pinnable expanded views
– Fixed: Error in overlapped reading
– Fixed: Drag and Drop from 7-Zip File Manager causes Unable to Access error
– Fixed: Checksum file saved in wrong path
– Fixed: When started after install, error occurs.
– Fixed: Crash at the end of each copy
– Fixed: No checksum verification when moving files

Version 3.0 RC 2

– Handle copy/paste from a virtual machine
– Fixed “EListError: Duplicates not allowed” error
– Incorrect icons display on 125% scaling level
– Replace mode options in the main panel
– Keep Windows from entering Sleep Mode during transfer
– Show a popup menu with folders structure in Replace dialog
– Faster Hash Algorithm: xxHash
– Auto-scroll file list during transfer
– Create shadow copy only once
– Fixed: Freeze when moving files
– Menu button added

Version 3.0 RC

– Large progress bar.
– Faster small files transfer.
– Starting waiting tasks in correct order.
– Regular deletion of old file lists to save disk space.
– Bugfixes.

Version 3.0 beta 2

– Faster Logical to physical disk mapping.
– Mapped network drives detection.
– Notifications fix.
– Delete R/O files on replace.
– Add entire drive to file list.
– Quote comma in csv reports, export folders.
– File date discrepancy increased to 2 sec.
– Better completed state icon.
– Smoother scrolling with touchpad.
– Other bugfixes.