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Affinity Photo Multilingual MacOSX-矢量圖形設計軟件
Affinity Photo 1.3.4 Multilingual Mac OS X
Affinity Photo首先是一個矢量圖形設計軟件,然後是一個修圖軟件

如同Photoshop,Affinity Photo可提供許多專業級的工具應用,像是CMYK色票校正、色彩模式、ICC色彩、16bitsperchannel編輯、Frequency Separation、影像修補等功能,圖像編輯與特效呈現可媲美PhotoShop;最重要的是,不僅具備了豐富的專業功能,Affinity Photo更強調其影像處理效能的速度與流暢度是PhotoShop所不能及的。

為何Affinity Photo敢如此大膽地向PhotoShop挑戰與嗆聲呢?正所謂“年輕就是本錢”,Serif公司指出Affinity Photo是特別為了最新的電腦技術而開發的軟體,不像PhotoShop是建構於25年前的電腦技術,因此Affinity Photo更能符合當代技術需求、且能發揮更高的效能。

Affinity Photo是不是有這麼神?有沒有可能取代PhotoShop?那得要親身試試才知道!在Affinity Photo正式發表前,Serif公司先釋出免費的公開測試Beta版讓大眾來試用,希望透過更多玩家們的使用心得與意見回饋,讓他們的軟體能愈益接近完美、滿足玩家們的需求。

Affinity Photo 1.x Multilingual | MacOSX |

5 years in the making, Affinity Photo redefines the boundaries for professional photo editing software for the Mac. With a meticulous focus on workflow it offers sophisticated tools for enhancing, editing and retouching your images in an incredibly intuitive interface with all the power and performance you need.

Engineered for Professionals
• Open, edit and save Photoshop® PSD files
• RGB, CMYK, Greyscale and LAB colour spaces
• End-to-end CMYK workflow with ICC colour management
• Full 16-bit per channel editing
• Work with all standard formats like PNG, TIFF, JPG, GIF, SVG, EPS and PDF
• Panning and zooming is always live at 60fps with live previews, live tools and real-time editing
• Open and edit massive images without compromising performance or running out of memory

Unsurpassed productivity
• Full support for unlimited layers, layer groups, adjustment layers, filter layers and masks
• Resize layers without any loss of quality. Lock, hide, duplicate and merge layers easily
• Edit live filters, adjustments, effects, blend modes and masks non-destructively
• Undo history can be saved with the document so you can always undo your changes
• Task-focused workspaces for developing, post-processing, liquify and export
• Work in windowed, full screen, or separated modes with fully customisable toolbars and drag and drop panels
• Comprehensive vector drawing and text editing tools
• Advanced snapping system with pixel perfect alignment when required
• Export @1x, @2x, @3x from layers, slices or whole documents – continuously as you work!

Professional image processing
• Open RAW and other images in a dedicated pre-processing workspace
• Adjust exposure, blackpoint, clarity, vibrance, white balance, shadows, highlights and much more
• Recover detail thought to be lost by editing in an unbounded linear color space
• Advanced lens corrections including chromatic aberration, defringe, vignette and best-in-class noise reduction
• Paint areas or use fully customisable gradients to mask adjustments
• View histograms, blown highlights, shadows and tones as well as detailed EXIF information

Quality retouching and correction tools
• Intuitive selection brush and refinement makes selections simple, even down to strands of hair
• Instantly remove unwanted objects with an incredibly advanced Inpainting brush
• Dodge, burn, clone, patch, blemish and red eye tools
• Smooth and retouch skin with built-in frequency separation
• Apply high quality single-plane and dual-plane perspective correction as well as fully customisable mesh warps - all in real time
• Dedicated Liquify persona gives freehand control over warps, twirls, pinch, punch and turbulence

Advanced brush engine
• Huge library of painting, drawing, textures and professional DAUB brushes included
• Create custom brushes and nozzles with full control over advanced dynamics
• Full support for Wacom and other graphics tablets, including pressure, tilt and shortcut buttons
• Real-time preview of your nozzle – see what you are about to paint or erase before you do it

Fast, customisable effects
• Massive collection of effects available, including blurs, distortions, tilt-shift, shadows, glows, lighting and many more
• Customise all aspects with precise controls, seeing a real-time preview of the end result before you apply
• Swipe-able split or mirrored screen always available for before and after views
• Choose to apply effects non-destructively with live effect layers, enabling you to erase away or mask effects after they have been applied

Built for Mac
• Takes full advantage of the latest OS X technologies including OpenGL, Grand Central Dispatch and Core Graphics
• Use the Force Touch trackpad to paint with pressure sensitivity
• Fully optimised for 64-bit and multi-core processors
• Supports regular, retina and multi-monitor set ups – including the latest 5k iMac
• iCloud Drive support

Affinity Photo 1.3.4 Multilingual Mac OS X
Compatibility: OS X 10.7 or later, 64-bit processor
Language: English, French, German, Spanish
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