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Motion Weather 4K – Ultra HD 1.1.2 MacOS - 動態視頻壁紙天氣
根據戶外的天氣情況,Motion Weather 4K將你的壁紙變成了令人歎為觀止的電影質量的4K視頻——而且它本身就是一個出色的天氣應用程序。動態天氣4K也“知道”什麼時候是白天和晚上時間,在晚上的時候自動切換到晚上4K視頻!我們花了無數個小時來拍攝和授權一些世界上最高質量的4K視頻,以提供其他的體驗;然後花更多的時間開發應用程序本身。這個應用程序非常瘋狂,它有三個不同的參數設置窗口:天氣參數(設置天氣選項和位置),顯示首選項(每個顯示的定製壁紙),以及桌面管理器,它允許您將30個桌面添加到您的桌面,這是完全可定製的。除了在桌面上單獨添加桌面,你還可以設置動態天氣4K,這樣就可以自動為每個主題添加定製的桌面——在你需要的時候給你的桌面提供相對的信息,並且確保壁紙和桌面總是匹配的。運動天氣4 k也特性的能力,選擇一個自定義4 k視頻(圖形主題選擇器),包括無限的顯示支持,允許您自定義每個單獨顯示,同樣也有一個超級有效的視頻播放器可以播放完整的4 k視頻基礎而消耗少於5% CPU /顯示。我們甚至在3D太陽能系統和3D行星上建造了可以通過人工操作的實時數據。有了這些特點,運動天氣4K提供了一種令人驚嘆和撫慰的體驗,不像其他!

Introducing Motion Weather 4K: The most insanely beautiful and innovative weather application ever conceived. Motion Weather 4K turns your Wallpaper into breathtaking Cinema quality 4K video based on the Weather conditions outside — and is an excellent weather application in it’s own right. Motion Weather 4K also “knows” when it’s day time and night time and automatically switches to night time 4K videos when it’s night outside! We’ve spent countless hours shooting and licensing some of the highest quality 4K videos in the world to deliver an experience like no other; and then spent even more time developing the app itself.

This application is so crazy, that is has *three* different Preferences Windows: Weather Preferences (Set Weather Options and Locations), Display Preferences (Customize Wallpaper for each display), and the Desklet Manager which lets you add over 30 Desklets to your Desktop that are completely customizable. In addition to adding Desklets to your Desktop individually, you can also set Motion Weather 4K so it automatically adds customized Desklets for each Theme — giving you relative information right on your Desktop when you need it and ensuring your Wallpaper and Desklets will always match.

Motion Weather 4K also features the ability to choose a custom 4K video (with Graphical Theme chooser), includes Unlimited Display support that lets you customize each Display individually, and also has a super efficient video player foundation that can play full 4K videos while consuming less than 5% CPU per display. If that *still* wasn’t enough, we went ahead and built in a 3D Solar System and 3D Planets with live data that can be interacted with manually. With all these features, Motion Weather 4K delivers a breathtaking and soothing experience like no other!

Main features:
- Automatically changes your Wallpaper based on conditions outside in stunning 4K Ultra HD Video
- Knows when it’s Day or Night time and changes 4K Videos accordingly
- Add up to 30 Desklets to your Desktop allowing full customizability over position, size, font, foreground color, and background color
- Optionally set Desklets to be automatically added and customized for each Theme as the Wallpaper changes
- Choose a Custom 4K Video with Graphical Theme Chooser, turning off automatic Wallpaper updates
- Super efficient Video Player foundation can play full 4K videos while averaging 5% CPU per display
- Main Weather window matches with Wallpaper background
- Works for hundreds of thousands of locations worldwide
- Unlimited Display support
- Unlimited Multiple Locations
- Weather data updates every 15 minutes
- Switch Locations instantly from the Locations Menu
- Incredibly advanced, yet super easy to use

Whats New:

Compatibility: OS X 10.9 or later 64-bit