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Franzis COLOR projects professional 6.63.03376 macOS-一款功能強大的照片濾鏡解決方案
COLOR projects6破解版是一款功能強大的照片濾鏡解決方案,軟件為用戶提供了獨特的新方法,將數字彩色圖像轉換為宏偉的藝術作品 - 所有這些都通過智能工具在高效,清晰的工作流程中完成。擁有高端圖像質量、新型濾鏡、新型修飾工具,包括160張圖片建議和圖片蒙太奇,獨立和過濾插件,適用於4K接口,GPS,使用旨在幫助專業人員在他們的照片中發揮出最佳效果 ,所有這些都採用高效,清晰的工作流程中的智能工具。您想要開發儘可能快速且無壓力的圖片嗎?  COLOR projects6專業人員為您可靠地工作。您無需操作單個開關,調整任何控件或嘗試任何功能。COLOR projects6的核心是6個專業人士的綜合圖片建議。在幾秒鐘內,COLOR預計6個專業人員分析您的圖像並計算208個圖像建議 - 現代攝影的所有方面和許多復古風格都包含在這裡。在船上是你。一個。高端工具,如具有鏡頭和目錄校正的廣泛RAW開發人員,照片膠片仿真引擎,智能選擇畫筆,肖像墨水和圖像合成工具,以及新的紋理引擎,可讓您在表面上使用照片般逼真的材料。

For pictures that get stuck - COLOR projects 6 professional brings out the best in their pictures - all with intelligent tools in an efficient, crystal-clear workflow. You want to develop pictures that stay as fast and stress-free as possible? COLOR projects 6 professional does this work reliably for you. You do not need to operate a single switch, to adjust any controls or to try out any functions.

At the core of COLOR projects 6 professional are the integrated picture suggestions. Within seconds, COLOR projects 6 professional analyzes your images and calculates 208 image suggestions - all facets of modern photography and many retro styles are included here. On board are u. a. High-end tools like an extensive RAW developer with lens and directory correction, a photo film emulation engine, smart selection brushes, portrait ink and image composing tools, and a new texture engine that lets you photo-realistic materials on surfaces.

What's New:
+ NEW: Creative image editing with 208 handmade image looks in 10 categories
+ NEW: 181 expert filters with sensational new lighting effects such as light frames, Kirlian lights, light bokeh and fireworks
+ NEW: Categories like Photo Styles and Light FX
+ NEW: SmartMask filter for intelligent, automatic masking of effect areas
+ NEW: Create your own photorealistic textures with the texture converter
+ NEW: Soft skin filters for stunningly beautiful portraits
+ NEW: Supersampling contour protection in the intelligent color space
+ NEW: Color Normalization automatically removes color casts when loading images
+ Selection and mask brush with automatic, precise edge detection
+ Filter plug-in for Adobe Photoshop® and Lightroom®
+ Includes free plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom

Easy for beginners, completely for experts!
With the clearly structured high-tech toolbox from COLOR projects 6 professional - 100% made in Germany - you make true masterpieces. You have the finely tuned presets on the left and the expert filters on the right. Arrange your favorite tools the way you want, even in 4K design.

Image composing for even better color image looks
Although the picture is perfectly exposed and the moment perfectly captured, you still want to use a different sky, for example, or otherwise manipulate your image? No problem, with the composing function of COLOR projects 6 professional simply replace complete image areas with areas from other images!

Includes Photoshop filter plug-in
Many ways lead to COLOR projects 6 professional, from now on also very comfortably from Adobe® Lightroom! New plug-ins for Adobe® Lightroom and Photoshop provide maximum comfort for your personal workflow. Simply select the desired image or image series in the Lightroom image database, export to COLOR projects 6 professional, edit and place the result image back into the database.

The new photo styles have added a lot of new looks
Let yourself be inspired! With the many new vintage, halftone and poster looks, you're guaranteed to find the right style for your photo. And best of all, you can combine the different picture styles with each other - so you get a whole lot of new different picture styles that you have created!

NEW: Texture module
With the new large texture module surfaces can be covered with completely new materials. This opens up completely new possibilities: stone walls turn into overgrown green areas, water surfaces become ice and trains can be decorated with graffiti. 64 textures are already included in a database, but you can also photograph your own texture and include it in the database.

With the new Kirlian lights you create fantastic lighting effects
COLOR projects 6 professional comes with two completely new categories that are all about extra light: Light FX and Kirlian. With a total of 38 new lighting effects make every photo an eye-catcher: Kirlian lights simulate bright edges of light on edges that look like small discharges and perfectly visualize fluorescent marine lighting.

Soft skin and smart masks
Brand new in this version: SmartMask filters for intelligent, automatic masking of effects and newly developed soft-skin filters for stunningly beautiful portraits. Choose the nicest look from the 23 portrait presets and briefly go over the problematic ones with the brush Skin, finished. The selection brush automatically detects the eye area and does not mask it. So the eyes are always nice and sharp!

System Requirements:
- Mac OS X 10.7 or higher
- 64-bit, Intel processor
- 8 GB of free RAM,
- 2 GB HDD
- Screen resolution 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, Retina 2,304 x 1,440 pixels