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PopChar 8.5 MacOSX-特殊字符快速輸入工具
PopChar(特殊字符輸入軟件) Mac破解版是知您網蒐集到的Mac os系統上一款特殊字符輸入軟件,PopChar Mac(特殊字符輸入軟件)適用於支持Unicode的所有現代的應用程序。PopChar Mac(特殊字符輸入軟件)可以方便地瀏覽和內包含成千上萬個字符的字體進行搜索,根據他們的名字進行搜索,查找包含特定字符的字體,探索字體的字符集,收集你最喜歡的字符,插入HTML符號。PopChar Mac(特殊字符輸入軟件)使所有這些字體相關的任務很容易……
PopChar for Mac功能介紹
1、對於OS X 10.10優詩美地國家公園的初步支持7支持Unicode;
 PopChar X v8x (Mac OS X) | 

PopChar is a utility application that lets you insert special characters, accented letters, umlauts, etc. from all installed fonts into your documents. You never need to search for and remember keystrokes any longer. Just pop up the PopChar window, click the desired character, and the character appears in your current document.

If a font contains Unicode characters, you can see all of them, neatly arranged in the standard Unicode categories.

PopChar X is the right tool to help you get the most out of all the fonts on your Mac.

Most of your fonts contain thousands of characters, many more than you can access from the keyboard. PopChar makes "typing" of unusual characters easy without having to remember keyboard combinations.

Whenever you need a special character, PopChar is there to help. Click the "P" in the menu bar to display a table of characters. Select the desired character and it instantly appears in your document.

PopChar works with all modern applications that support Unicode. It makes it easy to navigate and search within fonts that contain thousands of characters. Search for characters by their names, find fonts that contain certain characters, explore the character set of fonts, collect your favorite characters, insert HTML symbols. PopChar makes all these font-related tasks easy.

You can even look at fonts from a designer's perspective see a font preview, check out what a given text fragment looks like in a certain font, and print beautiful font sheets.


• Simple to use, just click and select,

• Inserts accented characters, foreign letters and any other character from all installed fonts,

• Automatic font detection,

• Full Unicode support,

• Character search function,

• Various insertion options,

• Insertion of HTML symbols,

• Recent characters view,

• Displays the keystrokes needed to create selected characters,

• Automatically starts at login


PopChar X v6.4 (Mac OS X)

• Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later.