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Adobe Prelude CC 2019 v8.0.1 Mac-專業視頻剪輯處理工具
Adobe Prelude CC是Adobe出品的一款專業級別的視頻編輯軟件,Pl CC能夠和Adobe Premiere或Final Cut Pro配合使用,可用於收錄剪輯、轉換素材代碼、創建子剪輯標記和粗剪,為影視後期製作構建堅實基礎。

通過Adobe Prelude CC視頻製作軟件將頁腳、元數據和評論控制在一個地方。您可使用Adobe Prelude CC 的剪輯命名和元數據功能,快速創建子剪輯、構建粗剪組合併將其作為序列發送至Premiere Pro,以便立即對其進行編輯。然後可將粗剪、剪輯、子剪輯和素材箱從Prelude 導出至 Adobe Premiere Pro 項目,進行編輯。軟件將卓越的性能、優美的改進用戶界面和許多奇妙的創意功能結合在一起,包括用於穩定素材的 Warp Stabilizer、動態時間軸裁切、擴展的多機編輯、調整圖層等。

Adobe Prelude CC 2019 - Program for professional video capture, allowing to convert any file
formats, and set tags. The application offers effective management of file preparation process, instantly creating logs of the markers and other temporal metadata that provides the ability to search in the course
of finishing. With Adobe Prelude CC 2019 you can develop and edit video content much faster and
even more organized. Inserter and conducting video magazine, designed to work effectively with the
media and metadata entry. Videos are easily transferred into Adobe Premiere Pro, thereby ensuring
excellent communication and organization of the entire video production process.

Benefits of Adobe Prelude CC 2019:
- Visual Editor shortcut
- Improved matching of audio channels
- voiceover
- Transitions at the pre-assembly
- Shortcuts for tagging
- Improved user interface with HiDPI support
- Support for multiple audio tracks
- Support for entry and exit points
- Converting files when inserting
- Comparison tag colors
- playback mode the Cinema
- View thumbnails when you hover
- Renaming when inserting files
- Ability to determine the necessary inf rmatsii to insert clips
- Integration with Adobe Story to convert scripts into metadata
- Collaborate using as Adobe Anywhere
- Box files directly to the selected packages
- metadata support the Sony XMPilot
- Support for 64-bit files in Windows and the Mac OS
- Pre-installation Export
- metadata searchable by all fields
- Full and partial insertion
- transcoding to multiple formats when you paste
- Fast marking materials
- Integration of virtually any workflow
- Creation of advanced materials collections
- Scrolling thumbnails insert dialog box
- Custom markers
- Adjustable import metadata
- Customizable extensibility