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Guthrie HPGL2CAD 2020 A.01 將HP GL、HP-GL和PLT文件轉換為DWG和DXF格式
HPGL2CAD 5.0最新的AutoCAD 2020和PDF支持!

HPGL2CAD是一款輕量級高效的軟件,它允許您快速將HP GL、HP-GL和PLT文件轉換為DWG和DXF格式,這兩種格式都得到了大量CAD應用程序的支持。

在進行其他操作之前,您應該知道,此應用程序能夠輸出與所有版本的AutoCAD兼容的文件,從AutoCAD 11、12、13和14開始,一直到AutoCAD 2016。







這就是說,正在尋找一種快速的方法,將HP GL、HP-GL和PLT文件轉換為AutoCAD或其他CAD應用程序廣泛支持的格式,那麽HPGL2CAD肯定符合要求。


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HPGL2CAD 5.0 Latest AutoCAD 2020 and PDF support!

HPGL2CAD is a lightweight and efficient piece of software that allows you to quickly convert HPGL, HP-GL, and PLT files to DWG and DXF, both formats that are supported by a multitude of CAD applications out there.

Before anything else, you should be aware of the fact that this application is capable of outputting files compatible with all version of AutoCAD, starting from AutoCAD 11, 12, 13, and 14, all the way up to AutoCAD 2016.

Streamlined installation process and simplistic user interface
Deploying this utility on your computer's system is by no means challenging, thanks to a streamlined installer that does not require much user intervention in order to get the job done.

The application sports a somewhat outdated user interface but, thanks to its intuitive layout and small set of features, it should not pose any kind of difficulties.

Foolproof workflow
To start working with this utility, simply load the input file, select the output location, pick the version of AutoCAD and choose one of the two output options, namely DXF and DWG and, finally, hit the 'Translate' button.

Please note that you can also rotate the output file at 90, 180 and 270 degrees as well as choose the decimal place threshold. The application provides you with accurate information regarding the entire conversion process on the lower part of the main window.

User-friendly and efficient graphic converter
This said, are looking for a quick way to convert HPGL, HP-GL and PLT files to formats widely-supported by AutoCAD or other CAD apps, then HPGL2CAD surely fits the bill.

For some users, the only drawback might be the fact that it does not come with a built-in viewer, which, truth be told, could have slowed the app down quite a lot.

Features :
Allows wild card file naming to be used - i.e. translate *.plt, *.hpgl, etc
Support multi-folio (multi-page) plot files. Each page is output to a separate DXF/DWG file
DXF files can be read by AutoCAD and most other CAD software, as well as a large number of other graphic applications