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Nuance OmniPage Ultimate 19.6 Multilingual 全世界最強的英文OCR
全世界最強的英文OCR,辨識率超過 99%

●最強的辨識率  OmniPage 是目前世界上辨識率最高、辨識速度最快的辨識軟件,辨識率比12.0版提高35%以上,整體辨識率高達99%以上,可以正確辨識各種圖形 (包括Adobe PDF) 的文件,並擴大了醫學及法律的字典。

●支援Adobe PDF 文件辨識  可以設定 PDF 文件(包括影像檔的文件)辨識的頁數範圍,直接辨識圖形、文字和表格,將完整頁面輸出到 Word 文件,直接圖文整合翻譯。並可將掃瞄好的文件直接轉存成可編輯格式的 PDF 文件。

●單鍵自動辨識 只要一個按鈕,便可自動完成分析、辨識、儲存辨識好的文件,並可轉換成可編輯的文字文件。自動解析表格、文字、圖形,並且完整保留文件格式。

●Microsoft Office 整合技術 直接在 Microsoft Word、Excel、PowerPoint 內建辨識、設定指令,辨識結果可以儲存成 .doc .xls .htm .txt .tif .Rtf 多種格式。

●可以辨識表格儲存成試算表格式 全世界唯一可以與 Excel 試算軟件結合的英文辨識軟件。可將複雜的表格辨識轉存為 .Xls 格式。

●支援多國語言 支援最多語系的辨識軟件,共支援119種文字,可以辨識法文、德文、義文、西班牙文、葡萄牙文、瑞典文...等等。

●模擬人聲發音  所有辨識好的文字都可以利用 Text-to-Speech 發音整篇文章來進行校稿動作。

●重新切割區塊辨識 提供區塊重新切割功能,變更區塊屬性等再辨識功能,讓您能夠修正錯誤的辨識結果,以便利校對文稿。

●辨識 Adobe PDF 文件(包括影像檔的文件)
●將文件圖形和影像直接轉成Adobe PDF 文件
Transform paper and PDFs with ease. Get down to business by converting all your paper files and PDFs into truly editable digital files and forms with the most powerful OCR software, OmniPage Ultimate.

Quickly get started
OmniPage’s interface instantly places the power of OmniPage at your fingertips. Simply choose your answer to “What do you want to do?” and you’re ready for business.

The gold standard of OCR accuracy
Scanning documents is an inefficient waste of time, not to mention resources. OmniPage Ultimate instantly and accurately converts business-critical documents into ready-to-use data.

- Converted documents are easily edited and look identical to the original, complete with columns, tables, bullets and graphics intact.
- Easily convert printed paper forms to fillable forms and distribute electronically. OmniPage Ultimate can even collect form data and export it to a spreadsheet or database.
- Enjoy network scanning and routing with new OmniPage DocuDirect™
- OmniPage recognizes text in over 120 languages

Streamline document conversion
With its simplified interface and intuitive OmniPage LaunchPad, let OmniPage Ultimate drive your productivity to new highs with its instant and accurate conversion of scanned paper into the file format of your choice.

- The OmniPage LaunchPad companion application is designed to open fast, instantly placing the full power of OmniPage Ultimate conversion at your fingertips.
- By simply clicking on action buttons, you’ll enjoy the fastest and easiest way to convert any kind of document into a custom PDF which can be sent to any destination.

Most accurate conversion to searchable PDFs
OmniPage Ultimate’s eDiscovery Assistant intelligently analyzes PDF files and identifies only those PDF files, or pages in a PDF file that require an OCR process so that text elements in text-based files are not unintentionally destroyed while creating a searchable PDF.

Perfect for on the go
OmniPage Ultimate’s innovative 3DC technology intelligently corrects your digital photos so it’s easy to capture text with a digital camera or mobile device. In addition OmniPage has been upgraded with Nuance’s natural sounding speech allowing you to export to a universal audio file. Start listening to any document as it’s read to you through your iOS, Android or other mobile device that supports MP3s.

- Quickly convert your pictures to text documents with Nuance’s most accurate 3D Correction technology available.
- New advanced audio output lets you listen to any document being read to you through your mobile device as an MP3 audio file

Supported Operation Systems:
- Windows 10 32-bit or 64-bit Editions, Windows 8 32-bit or 64-bit Editions, Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit Editions, Windows XP 32-bit Edition with Service Pack 3
- Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012
- Microsoft SharePoint® Portal Server 2003, 2007, and 2010
- Open Text Connectivity Solutions (Hummingbird Enterprise 2005)
- Autonomy-Interwoven (iManage) WorkSite 8.2
- ODMA Link supporting a broad range of document management systems. Check with the vendor of your specific service to see if they work with ODMA

System Requirements:
- 1 GB of memory (RAM), 2 GB recommended
- 2.7 GB total hard drive space for all components: 300 MB for application components plus 100MB during installation, 1.2 GB for Vocalizer Expressive speech modules (120-500MB per language), 250 MB for RealSpeak Solo (languages can be custom installed), 200 MB for PDF Create, 700 MB for PaperPort, 30 MB NCC
- DVD drive for installation unless utilizing a digital download
- WIA, TWAIN or ISIS scanner driver
- 1024 x 768 pixel color monitor
- 2-megapixel digital camera with auto-focus or higher for digital camera text capture