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Starus Excel Recovery 2.7 Multilingual 恢復被刪除的文件的電子表格
Starus Excel Recovery將恢復被刪除的文件的電子表格格式的Microsoft Excel(XLS / XLSX)和OpenOffice(ODS)。 該方案結合了一個快速的算法來恢復刪除的文件與硬盤驅動器進行格式化,系統崩潰或破壞裝置插入章節後,倖存的文件進行全面分析的可能性。 成功還原整個結構和電子表格的內容包括公式,圖形和嵌入的對象。

主要特點 :
- 恢復應用程序的Microsoft®Excel創建的文件的所有現代版本 -  Excel - 95, 97, 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003 , 2007, 2010 and 2013;
- 恢復密碼保護的文件;
- 檢測中間(臨時)文件未保存的文件;
- 通過從以前保存的複製或備份文件重新創建該文件恢復刪除或覆蓋的文件;
- 已刪除分區或格式化的驅動器恢復Excel文件,支持所有版本的FAT和NTFS文件系統的Windows;
- 內置文件瀏覽器的Excel - 本產品不需要Microsoft Office應用程序之前,查看文件;
- 在還原產物的過程中完全保留了文檔的所有的內容和結構。

Recover lost and deleted spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice formats! Starus Excel Recovery combines quick and comprehensive recovery in a single tool, allowing users to either quickly undelete documents from cleared Recycle Bin or perform a comprehensive analysis of the entire physical device. The comprehensive analysis mode allows surefooted recovery from formatted, repartitioned and inaccessible devices. Microsoft Excel XLS/XLSX and OpenOffice ODS spreadsheets can be recovered regardless of the version. Spreadsheets are recovered complete with all formulas, scripts and embedded objects.

Best in Class Recovery Engine
Starus Excel Recovery uses one of the best data recovery engines on the market. This content-aware recovery engine comes directly from the company’s top of the line partition recovery tool, enabling low-level access to formatted, repartitioned and corrupted hard drives and other types of storage media. The low-level recovery engine reads the entire content of the device looking for matching signatures representing Excel or OpenOffice spreadsheets. After identifying a signature, the tool can then calculate the exact location and size of the file. Content-aware analysis can reliably recover files stored on corrupted, inaccessible, formatted and repartitioned hard drives in full auto mode.............