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Mosaizer XV+ 15.0 Build 54 Multilingual 專業化圖片編輯工具
Mosaizer XV是一款相當實用的專業化圖片編輯工具,Mosaizer XV最新版功能強勁,支持用戶輕鬆進行多種圖片效果製作,Mosaizer XV軟件界面美觀,便捷好用,能夠以任意的形狀創建照片鑲嵌,例如使用形狀遮罩,透明瓷磚,綠色屏幕選項,超大馬賽克等。

Mosaizer Pro is an editing software that contains numerous functions that you can use to add mosaic and painting effects to images of your choice.The software utilizes 3D effects, textures, user made masks, bitmaps and post-processing filters to edit the photos. The software is also capable of recreating a picture from pieces of itself. 

Because of its accurate and fast color matching capability, Mosaizer Pro is used by enthousiasts and professionals all over the world.

key features of "Mosaizer Pro":
· Adaptive meshing of the miniature tiles allowing different tile sizes in the same mosaic
· Use of tranaperent masks (PNG, BMP)
· 3D effects - like shadow, buttons, windows and splat
· Accurate color matching engine (benchmark quality)
· Cropping: only render what you want
· Use of textures to create additional 3D effects
· Single cell mosaizing - to paint a picture by repeatedly using its own bitmap

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