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Fab’s AutoBackup Pro 7.1.1 Build 1136. Multilingual 專門用於為重要數據、文件和設置創建備份
Fab的AutoBackup Pro是一個簡單易用的工具,專門用於為重要數據、文件和設置創建備份。當您希望格式化系統、重新安裝系統或進行任何可能導致數據丟失的更改時,該工具可以派上用場。該程序可以很容易地從桌面或USB驅動器運行。


Fab的AutoBackup Pro旨在幫助您將重要數據保存在安全的存儲空間中,同時格式化系統。它不僅可以為數據、文件和設置創建副本,還可以保存它們的文件夾/子文件夾結構。

例如,您可以指示公用目錄的路徑,例如下載、我的文檔、我的圖片、桌面。在文件還原期間,Fab的AutoBackup Pro可以幫助將這些文件發送回從中復制它們的文件夾。程序可以像復制備份項一樣輕松地恢復備份項。


Fab的AutoBackup Pro為您提供了將備份信息保存到其他磁盤或可移動驅動器上的可能性。或者,您可以將其快速轉移到同一臺計算機上的另一個用戶帳戶。數據備份只考慮來自指定用戶帳戶的文件,但它也可以復制公共項。



Fab的AutoBackup Pro允許您快速創建重要文件和設置的備份,並在以後將它們還原到原始位置。該程序允許您將數據復制到其他磁盤、可移動驅動器或將其傳輸到其他用戶帳戶(如果可用)。

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Fab's AutoBackup Pro is a simple to use, dedicated to creating backups for important data, files and settings. The tool can come in handy in cases when you wish to format your system, to re-install it or make any changes that could cause data loss. The program can easily run from desktop or from a USB drive.
Quick and easy data management
Fab's AutoBackup Pro is designed to help you keep important data in a safe storage space, while formatting the system. Not only can it create duplicates for data, files and settings, but it can also save their folder/subfolder structures.

For instance, you can indicate the path for common directories, such as Downloads, My Documents, My Pictures, Desktop. During file restoration, Fab's AutoBackup Pro can help send these files back to the folders from which you copied them. The program can recover the backed-up items as easily as duplicating them.

Data migration
Fab's AutoBackup Pro offers you the possibility of saving the backed-up information on a different disk or on a removable drive. Alternatively, you may quickly transfer it to another user account on the same computer. The data backup regards only the files from the indicated user account, but it can also copy common items.

Although powerful, the application is easy to use and allows you to control the data you wish to backup by selecting the paths or creating filters. The separate tabs allow you to create advanced file selection: choose user’s data, public files and extra information. You may create filters for inclusion or exclusion.

Simple to use data backup and recovery system
Fab's AutoBackup Pro allows you to quickly create backups for important files and settings, as well as restore them to their original location at a later time. The program enables you to duplicate the data to other disks, removable drives or transfer it to different user accounts, if available.