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ESI VA ONE 2019.0 全頻段振動噪聲分析的模擬環境
ESI VA ONE 2019.0VA One是法國ESI集團於2005年推出的全頻段振動噪聲分析的模擬環境,代表著ESI集團在振動噪聲模擬、分析和設計方面的最新技術,被業界專家評為振動噪聲工程近二十年來最重大的突破。
VA One把有限元分析(FEA),邊界元分析(BEM),統計能量分析(SEA)及其混合分析集中於一個易於進行模擬的環境。同時,VA One提供有限元、邊界元和統計能量分析一種嚴格的耦合形式,能夠統一而可靠地進行全頻譜範圍的求解。
從2004年以來,汽車,航空和鐵路領域的一些世界性企業參與了ESI集團的結構噪聲共同體(SBNC- Structure-borne Noise Consortium)項目,對發展和驗證VA One方案做出了重要的貢獻。聯盟成員包括:空中客車德國部(Airbus Deutschland GmbH),波音商業飛機(Boeing Commercial Airplanes),龐巴迪運輸(Bombardier Transportation),歐洲航空防務及航天公司研發中心(EADS CRC Research Centre GmbH),本田汽車(Honda Motor Co),三菱電機(Mitsubishi Motor Co),英國QinetiQ Ltd,立達汽車系統(Rieter Automotive Systems),大眾汽車(Volkswagen AG)等。

VA One包含有一系列的內部求解器,從而可以滿足對振動噪聲分析的需要。另外,這一工具軟件還包括有與外部求解器的接口,以確保與目前振動噪聲分析和設計過程的兼容性。VA One具有很大的靈活性,可以讓用戶選擇基於成本、時間和計算資源的最佳模擬方案。這一軟件還包含有強有力的管理工具,以快捷地根據CAD和FEA的數據建立模擬模型。VA One方案還提供了一個廣泛的附加模塊庫,以確保軟件可以集成於現有的CAE和設計過程中。例如,SYSWELD用於獲得不同銲接連接具體的材料和幾何屬性。這個結果輸入給VA One ,用於在一個耦合的有限元/SEA分析中定義局部連接細節。這種方法提供了一個評估複雜系統振動-聲學響應考慮不同銲接和熱處理過程影響的高效途徑。

ESI VA ONE 2019.0 | 
ESI Group is pleased to announce VA One 2019 that offers a range of enhancements that will enable users to address common modelling applications in the automotive, aerospace, marine and industry sectors even more easily.

VA One 2019 highlights include:

- Ray Tracing Improvements as High-Order diffraction model and a tool to help user define best Ray Tracing parameters to optimize performance
FE Solver Improvements: 
- Use of internal ESI FE solver based on VPS (Virtual Performance Solution) replacing COSMIC NASTRAN.
- FE Structural and FE Acoustic modal solves can now use VPS solver.
- Periodic Module now uses this solver and supports orthotropic/isotropic materials and uniform and composite cross-sections.

- Compact Acoustic Source (CAS) previously available as a Ray Tracing source can now also be used as a BEM source.
- DFAT Module now includes Optimization options to define best-fit sources from target levels and correlation at control microphones.
- Improved SEA line junction formulation and merge nodes improvement for SEA model building ease of use.

VA One is the only environment you need for vibro-acoustic simulation and design. Whether you’re simulating the acoustic transmission loss of an automotive firewall or creating a system level model of the vibro-acoustic response of a complete aircraft, VA One has all the methods you need to simulate vibro-acoustics across the entire frequency spectrum. Based on the industry standard software for mid and high frequency noise and vibration design AutoSEA2, and extended to encompass mid and low frequency methods (making use of the RAYON solver), VA One is the only simulation code on the market that contains the complete spectrum of vibro-acoustic analysis methods in a common environment. VA One also sets new standards in ease of use; VA One is a standalone Windows desktop application with a modern user interface that is quick, intuitive and very easy to use. With VA One you get results faster. Spend your time solving noise and vibration problems rather than trying to learn how to use complex CAD/CAE systems or relearning the user interfaces of a large number of disparate analysis codes. With VA One you get all the functionality you need for vibro-acoustics in onecommon environment.

The core functionality of VA One is split into five main modules: the SEA Module, Structural FE Module, Acoustic FE Module, Acoustic BEM Module and Hybrid Module. Adding a new module is simple and straightforward and gives you access to the methods you need to model the response of a vibro-acoustic system in a given frequency range. In addition, a large number of extension modules and scripts are available to help you customize VA One to meet specific requirements. These extension modules provide everything from customized model templates for specific applications to complete developer kits for writing custom scripts and GUIs within the VA One environment. VA One has the flexibility to meet your analysis needs.

ESI is a pioneer and world-leading provider in virtual prototyping that takes into account the physics of materials. ESI has developed an extensive suite of coherent, industry-oriented applications to realistically simulate a product’s behavior during testing, to fine-tune manufacturing processes in accordance with desired product performance, and to evaluate the environment’s impact on performance. ESI’s solutions fit into a single collaborative and open environment for End-to-End Virtual Prototyping, thus eliminating the need for physical prototypes during product development. The company employs over 750 high-level specialists worldwide covering more than 30 countries. ESI Group is listed in compartment C of NYSE Euronext Paris

Product: ESI VA ONE
Version: 2019.0
Supported Architectures: x64
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