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Simply Good Pictures 5.0.7242.24775 全自動化圖像優化工具!
Simply Good Pictures一個最好的全自動化圖像優化工具! 你還有多少假期照片仍然在等待編輯?現在您的照片可以被保存在最佳狀態:使用最新的優化算法,不再讓您的精彩回憶被質量差的照片所破壞!

Simply Good Pictures 由複雜的視覺網絡和精確步驟構成,自動分析高精度照片,提供視覺優化,讓照片看起來更逼真.該組件最重要的部分就是圖像重建,使之和人眼看到的一致.同時,一個創新的選擇性目標探測算法能確保圖片需要優化的部分被優化.使用該處理,Photomizer簡直就是一個全自動化的袖珍照片實驗室:圖片動態範圍得到擴大,圖片人臉被檢測和優化,顯露的錯誤和色彩被糾正,減輕陰影。

·自動目標識別: 僅處理部分圖像, 幫助優化整體印象!
·支持輸入格式: JPG, BMP, TIFF 和 RAW (.raw, .crw, .orf, .3fr, .nef, .tiff, .raf, .nrw, .dng, .cr2 and .arw)

Languages: English, German |

Simply Good Pictures automatically optimizes photos to make them look more realistic! Simply Good Pictures‘ fully automatic photo optimization improves your images with a single click, for example to make them look more realistic. At the same time, selective object recognition ensures that only those parts of the image are optimized that help to improve the overall impression. Simply Good Pictures 5 can extend the dynamic range of the images, recognize faces as image components and calculate them according to their relevance, compensate for incorrect exposures, correct colors and brighten shadows.

Simply Good Pictures can handle all known image formats, including JPG, BMP, TIFF and RAW. The software can instantly capture images larger than 40 megapixels and also supports EXIF data.

Which technology is “Simply Good Pictures 5” based on?
The technology used has been tested with thousands of photos and is also highly optimized for speed. Multi-core, real 64bit and other speed optimizations are used, which depend on your processor or your graphics card. The technology is also used, for example, by companies that sell or offer photo books. Our technology itself runs under Linux, Max and Windows, whereby Simply Good Pictures “only” runs under Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Fully automatic optimization
Fully automatic color adjustment, including redistribution of tonal values, white balance, hue adjustment, saturation, contrast optimization and bright/dark correction.

RAW Support
Besides JPG, BMP, TIFF and GIF, many RAW formats are supported, e.g.: raw, crw, orf, 3fr, nef, raf, mrw, nrw, nrw, dng, cr2, arw, x3f, rw2.

Simple and user-friendly interface
The main window of the application is split into three parts, the original picture is displayed on the left and the preview on the right-side of the screen, while the optimization and repair section can be found at the bottom.

Efficient photo optimization tool
Even though the algorithms and mathematical procedures used to reconstruct and optimize photos are identical to those used in Photomizer, this application doesn't come with so many image enhancements as the latter. Simply Good Pictures does not support batch mode, so you are left with the single option of optimizing one picture at a time. But what it lacks in features, it makes up for in easy manipulation and full-proof results. In order to quickly edit a photo, you can select the Automatic optimization option, but keep in mind that by doing so, you won't be able to use the Auto-Color function. When you unselect the Automatic option, you can use the slider to increase or decrease the strength of the optimization process.

Furthermore, you can reconstruct pictures by removing artifacts and image noise. The program automatically sets the dynamic range, recognizes faces as parts of photos, compensates incorrect exposures, adjusts colors, reduces shadows and brightens up images. Thus, there is little work left for you to do, since the application decides for itself which areas of the photo need improving.

One of the best fully automatic image optimizations in the world!
With “Simply Good Pictures 5” you achieve results, which even professional photographers could only obtain with extensive knowledge and experience. Some of the most important program functions:

- Automatic object recognition: manipulates only those image parts, which help optimize the overall impression!
- Fully automatic re-adjustment of tonality!
- Fully automatic re-sharpening!
- Fully automatic contrast optimization!
- Touching-up of image through higher definition!
- Colour-intensive photos through re-sharpening of matt colours!
- Manipulation of colours to get more cheerful images!
- Fully automatic system for hue control and saturation!
- Fully automatic system for white balance.
- Fully automatic system for bright/dark correction.
- Elimination of fog and other weather influences.
- Elimination of undesired colour casts.
Release Notes:

- May include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.
System Requirements:
- System: Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7 (both 32- and 64-bit)
- Processor: 1.5 GHz or faster
- Memory: 2 GB RAM
- Disk space for installation: 80 MB