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Data Xtractor 2.1 數據提取器
Data Xtractor提供數據提取功能,可以幫助用戶在軟件界面直接提取你需要的數據,這款軟件可以連接到多個數據庫,可以直接在SQLite、Firebird、Microsoft SOL Server、Microsoft Access等數據庫提取你需要的數據,軟件提供遠程連接功能,輸入登錄數據庫的賬號就可以直接訪問數據庫,從而在軟件界面選擇你需要的數據導出保存,方便用戶在遠程直接獲取數據庫內容,軟件提供非常多的查詢功能,支持對數據資源查詢,支持將SQL查詢結果複製或導出為文本,圖像,PDF等。

Data Xtractor combines Visual Xtractor, Query Xtractor and Model Xtractor into one single standalone application. Only in Data Xtractor you may design SQL queries with data visualization graphs. Only in Data Xtractor you may use the visual SQL query builder for Open-Source databases such as MySQL or PostgreSQL, or Commercial databases like Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle.

All Model Xtractor Features
All Query Xtractor Features
All Visual Xtractor Features
Lookup Table Data from ER Model: right-click on a table shape in any ER model diagram and select Lookup Table Data, or View Table Data to open a new tab
Visual Query Builder with Charts: inline and regular charts simply extend the basic Query Xtractor visual builder, so you can not only design complex queries, but also generate nice charts from their result data
Query Builder for Any Database: only Data Xtractor can use the visual query builder to generate SQL and run queries from Open-Source and Commercial databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle etc), for a small monthly fee
All-in-One Application: everything from Visual, Query and Model Xtractor can be also found in Data Xtractor, and separate Xtractor application cannot be used simultaneously

Data Xtractor = Model + Query + Visual Xtractor
Data Xtractor can create and open both ER model diagrams (as in Model Xtractor) and designed SQL queries, with extended visual SQL builders.
Unlike Query Xtractor, Data Xtractor extends its visual SQL query builder to include the Inline Chart and Chart builders. You can design complex SQL queries and assign directly data visualization effects – inline and regular charts – to the result columns.

Design SQL Queries for Open-Source and Commercial Databases
All our products are FREE for what we call Featured databases: SQLite, Firebird, Microsoft SQL Server CE and Microsoft Access. One single restriction applies to queries for Open-Source and Commercial databases: you need a monthly (annualy paid) subscription to get and run the SQL generated from queries designed with our SQL builders.

Lookup Table Data
Only Data Xtractor allows you to instantly check the data stored in a table you visualize in an entity-relationship model diagram. This also applies to views or queries. Just right-click on a shape header and select Lookup Table Data. View Table Data will visualize the same data in a new tab.

Model Xtractor – Your Data Modeling Inspector
Reverse-engineer existing database models. Traditional and enhanced ER data models for dozens of relational database platforms, including SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Azure and Amazon Redshift, SQLite and Firebird.

Query Xtractor – Visual SQL Query Builder/Generator/Runner
Create simple to complex read-only SQL SELECT queries without writing one single line of SQL. No prior SQL knowledge necessary. Use this productivity tool to produce complex SQL SELECT queries within seconds, drill-down on results through aggregations and relationships, use our emulated queries to get your data fast.

Generic Query Emulator – Pivot/Cross Tables for any Platform
We emulate, using SQL, many features with native support on some database systems, but missing on other platforms: pivot/crosstabs, grouping sets (with cube/rollup), intersect and except, sequence generator, data type functions etc. For instance, this is how a pivot/crosstab query is emulated on MariaDB. Column header values are automatically detected and we transparently add relatively complex SUM entries in generated SQL.

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