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Audio Silence Trimmer Pro 1.1.8 一款簡單易用的音頻靜音微調器
Audio Silence Trimmer Pro 1.1.8一款簡單易用的音頻靜音微調器,在我們錄製或者下載的音頻文件中,在開頭、中間、結尾等部分可能會出現靜音的內容,對與需要翦除靜音音頻段的用戶來說,可能絕大部分會通過音頻剪輯工具進行操作,但是相比較而言,操作上會比較輔助,這裡為用戶推薦這款Audio Silence Trimmer Pro,軟件能夠支持自動檢測音頻的靜音段落,其具備了修剪開始時靜音、修剪最後靜音、修剪開始與最後靜音以及修剪全部靜音四種預設,而且允許自定義設置設置最小非靜音持續時間、設置最大靜音持續時間等參數,從而獲得最佳的輸出效果,另外,該程序還具備了格式轉換功能,用戶可以在wav、mp3、aac、flac、ogg等多種常見音頻格式之間進行轉換

If you work as a sound engineer or musician, you probably understand and appreciate the major role that software assistance has in simplifying your work. For instance, if you need a convenient way to remove silent fragments from your audio recordings, you can turn to Audio Silence Trimmer Pro as it can yield quick and satisfactory results. Minimalistic user interface Aside its easy-to-accomplish installation procedure, this application also features a light, user-friendly design that shelters a handful of straightforward functions, which are organized neatly.

Thanks to its overall simplicity, it does not need any form of help documentation, since its controls are briefly described directly in the main window, thus providing you with high overall accessibility.

Helps you trim silent fragments of your files
This application can come in handy whenever you need to remove silence bits from your audio recordings without manually selecting and removing the said fragment.
Doing so can be achieved by providing the tool with the corresponding files, selecting your preferred method, adjusting a minimum non-silence duration (in seconds) and clicking the Process button.
Importing the files can be done by either manually selecting each item, which can be done by clicking the cross-shaped button, or by loading an entire folder's worth of items.

Four processing modules and minimum configuration
According to your preference, you can either trim the silence at the beginning, end, beginning and end or perform a total trim of the audio file, which removes all the silence within your recording.
The standard Options window enables you to specify what prefix should the name of your output files contain by typing it in the designated field. Leaving an empty field reverts to the default “Target_” prefix instead of using no prefix at all.

Lightweight audio silence trimmer with few adjustable parameters
As a conclusion, Audio Silence Trimmer Pro is a simple audio editing tool that can help you remove the silent bits of your audio recordings easily. It comes with a minimalistic, user-friendly interface that integrates straightforward controls, making it highly accessible and efficient at the same time.
Release Notes

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