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DIANA FEA 10.3 為土木工程、岩石工程、石化工程等領域提供世界領先的有限元仿真分析解決方案
DIANA(DIsplacement ANAlyzer)是一個廣泛的多用途有限元軟件包,專門用於土木工程中出現的各種問題,但不是唯一的,包括結構,岩土工程,隧道,地震學科和石油和天然氣工程。 DIANA是經過充分驗證和測試的軟件包,已被用於世界各地的各種標誌性項目。 該程序的強大功能包括廣泛的材料模型,元素庫和分析程序,它們基於最新和最先進的有限元分析技術。 DIANA配備了強大的求解器,以優化所有類型的線性和非線性複雜模型的解決方案程序,具有準確的結果和快速計算。

DIANA是經過充分驗證和測試的軟件包,已被用於世界各地的各種標誌性項目。 該程序的強大功能包括廣泛的材料模型,元素庫和分析程序,它們基於最新和最先進的有限元分析技術。



DIANA FEA 10.3 | 
The DIANA FEA BV product team are pleased to announce the release of latest version of DIANA 10.3 with great enhancements and special features geared towards civil and geotechnical engineering applications.

Our prime focus in this release is related to incorporating new and optimized workflows for geotechnical applications, enhancing user-friendliness in pre- and post-processing tools including importing and optimizing the geometry models, leading technology at kernel level by delivering the state of the art design and analysis capabilities.

Here are just some of the New & Improved Features in DIANA 10.3:

- Updated Python version
- Restructured user manual
- New and updated tutorials
- Optimizing, cleaning and healing geometry components
- Importing CAD files (DXF, DWG)
- New action dialogue box
- Object oriented color control
- Pile-set wizard
- TBM modelling compliance
- Incremental meshing method
- Enhanced and updated Model Code material libraries
- Generation of function values
Analysis Capabilities 
- Assessment of bridges
- Strength reduction analysis for TSC model
- Water management tool
- Concrete swelling analysis (AAR)
- Cross Section Design Checking Analysis
- Variation of hydrostatic loads based on time function
- Comprehensive set of output parameters and results
- Results in axial coordinate system
- Animations on results
And, much more!

DIANA (DIsplacement ANAlyzer) is an extensive multi-purpose finite element software package that is dedicated, but not exclusive, to a wide range of problems arising in Civil engineering including structural, geotechnical, tunnelling, earthquake disciplines and oil & gas engineering.

DIANA is a well proven and tested software package that has been used on various landmark projects all over the world. The program's robust functionality includes extensive material models, element libraries and analysis procedures, which are based on the latest and the most advanced finite element analysis techniques.

DIANA has been equipped with powerful solvers in order to optimize the solution procedures for all types of linear and nonlinear complex models with accurate results and fast computations.

Its unique analysis capabilities are empowered by full modeling capabilities in 2D and 3D environments and tools for CAD interoperability.

This webinar will give an overview on powerful and unique features of the landmark release of TNO DIANA BV – DIANA10. 

Product: DIANA FEA
Version: 10.3 with PDF Tutorials
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Language: english
System Requirements: PC *
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