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Lighten PDF to EPUB Converter 6.0.0 PDF文件轉換為EPUB
Lighten PDF to EPUB Converter旨在將您的PDF文件轉換為EPUB,可以自動適應屏幕大小,以改善您的閱讀體驗,可最大程度地保留PDF文檔原本的格式。

PDF and EPUB are widely used document formats for Ebooks or documents. PDF is fixed layout so it can keep the original look in any screen sizes. For example, if you read an A4 size PDF with iBook in your iPhone, you can't view the full page. If you choose fit-screen, the text will be too small for reading. While EPUB format is re-flowable, responsive, it can automatically fit the screen size and give you a better reading experience. The text will flow to next line automatically, you can even change the font style or size in EPUB reader software, for example, iBook. So reading EPUB is easier than PDF in a smaller screen. Lighten PDF to EPUB Converter for Windows is designed for converting your PDF file to EPUB, so you can enhance your reading experience.

Accurate PDF to EPUB Converter
PDF and EPUB have different document structure. Lighten PDF to EPUB Converter detects paragraph accurately, even when the PDF has multiple columns. While most of the other similar apps can only organize data from left to right, ignoring the original formatting.

Easy-to-use PDF Converter
Lighten PDF to EPUB Converter is easy to use, just like all other PDF converters apps developed by Lighten Software. It takes only a few steps to get the conversion done. Add files, select an output folder and click 'Convert' button. Wait a few seconds and you'll get the EPUB file.

You can convert multiple PDF files at one time, at high speed.

Customizable Output Options
We love reading too, so we know how to enhance the output quality for the best reading experiences.

You can add a blank line between two paragraphs, we don't like paragraphs squeeze together, right?

If your PDF file has background image in each page, or has many unnecessary image elements like footer and header, you can remove them in EPUB file.

You can also keep the tables as image in EPUB, so you can easily see the full picture of a table.

Table data in EPUB
Table data can be preserved as image. EPUB is reflowable, so if the PDF has a large table with multiple columns, you can't view the whole tables within a page. Lighten PDF to EPUB Converter can detect table automatically, you can also mark table areas within the PDF reader before conversion. Table areas can be preserved as images in output EPUB file.

System Requirement
Operating System: Microsoft Windows®10, 8, 7, Vista and XP (all editions)
Does not require Microsoft office and Adobe product installed
Recommended hardware Processor: 2GHz Processor RAM: 1G
Free Space: File Size: 6.43MB, 100MB recommended
Release Notes

• official site does not provide any info about changes in this version