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SQL Maestro ASA Maestro Multilingual 數據庫管理工具
SA Maestro是用於開發和管理Sybase SQL Anywhere數據庫的首選Windows GUI管理工具。它允許您輕松快速地完成所有數據庫操作。使用ASA Maestro,您可以操作數據庫對象,可視化構建查詢,將數據庫表示為ER圖,執行查詢和SQL腳本,查看和編輯包括BLOB在內的數據,將數據表示為圖表,組合OLAP多維數據集,從最流行的數據導出和導入數據文件格式,管理訪問權限,以及使用許多其他工具,這些工具旨在使用Sybase SQL Anywhere服務器進行最簡單,最高效的工作。

ASA Maestro is the premier SAP (formerly Sybase) SQL Anywhere admin tool for database management, control and development. The application also provides you with a powerful set of tools to manage SQL Anywhere users, edit and execute SQL scripts, build visual diagrams for numeric data, compose OLAP cubes, and much more. With all these features our software will be an everyday assistant in your work with SQL Anywhere database server.

Key features include:
Support for all SQL Anywhere versions from 10 to 16
Easy database object management
Database Designer
Comfortable access to SQL Anywhere security features
Data management: editing, grouping, sorting and filtering abilities
Handy SQL Editor with code folding and multi-threading
Visual Query Builder with support for subqueries and UNIONS
Data export/import to/from the most popular formats
Powerful BLOB Viewer/Editor

Top 10 reasons to use ASA Maestro:
Latest SQL Anywhere server version support
ASA Maestro supports all the latest versions of SAP SQL Anywhere
Use ASA Maestro to work with all SQL Anywhere versions! The software supports such the server features as views, triggers, functions, procedures, materialized views, domains, tablespaces, login mappings and much more.
Powerful security management
SQL Anywhere security system is easy and clear in ASA Maestro
Easy database objects management
ASA Maestro is incredibly easy in database objects management
Clear in use
Even a newbie can use ASA Maestro
Advanced SQL Editor
ASA Maestro allows you to create and execute queries in the most convenient way
Powerful data export and import
ASA Maestro provides you with advanced data export and import abilities
Full support for BLOB fields
ASA Maestro has an ability to view BLOB data in various ways
Viewing data as diagrams
ASA Maestro allows you to build diagrams based on SQL Anywhere data
The fastest way for building queries
ASA Maestro allows you to create the SELECT statements visually
Full customization according to your preferences and needs
ASA Maestro admits to flexible customization