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MAGIX Samplitude Music Studio 2020 v25.0.0.32 一款專業音樂製作軟件
magix samplitude music studio 2020是一款專業音樂製作軟件,該軟件能夠為音樂創作人員提供全面完整的創作工具,支持同時在最多16個單聲道音軌或8個立體聲音軌上以24位/ 96 kHz錄製,支持使用32個虛擬樂器進行即興演奏,更加入了專業的濾鏡,效果和母帶插件,能夠為用戶混編出創意十足的音樂。與上一版本相比,全新的samplitude music studio 2020為虛擬音樂製作提供優化的性能和效率,增加了多個新的功能,以及增強了多個性能,比如加入了自動化通道,插件瀏覽器以及改進的MIDI選項和功能等等,當用戶編寫歌曲時,更支持超過10種新樂器和6種新Soundpool可以提供更多創意。比如自動化通道,可以在音軌內的通道中顯示和控制軌道參數的自動化。全新的插件瀏覽可以將各種效果應用到您的項目中。新的MIDI編輯功能比以前更容易,平滑和增強自動化數據可使組合中的過渡更平滑。

P2P | 22 July 2019 | 

Access everything a musician needs in a single software solution – with the new Samplitude Music Studio 2020. The right tools are provided for any artist to make their creative ideas and music productions a reality. Record, improvise, mix and master. Start and finish the whole process with Samplitude Music Studio 2020 – the tool that fulfils all your music needs.

Guitar, piano, drum or your own vocals: With Samplitude Music Studio, record at 24-bit/96 kHz on up to 16 mono tracks or 8 stereo tracks simultaneously. Take advantage of a range of recording templates to start a recording with a single click, without the need for any complicated settings.

Virtual music production
Complete your compositions by adding extra melodies and sounds to instrument and vocal recordings you've created yourself. Improvise with 32 virtual instruments that can be easily played via MIDI and access 6 Soundpools with a huge range of loops from different genres.

Mixing & mastering
Develop a custom sound that will captivate the listener. Professional filters, effects and mastering plug-ins are seamlessly integrated into the user interface in Samplitude Music Studio and can be easily used via the plug-in browser – perfect for giving your tracks an unmistakeable sound.

Creative tools Instruments, sounds & loops
The new version of Samplitude Music Studio offers a massive range of creative options for song composition. The program contains a total of 32 impressive software instruments and 6 Soundpools each with hundred of professionally pre-produced sounds and loops.

Brass instruments
Trumpets, low and mid woodwind as well as cornets – explore a range of new brass instruments and set melodic accents that'll add even more character to your tracks.

Tiny Percussions
Add more rhythm to your music tracks with the new Tiny Percussions: Bongos, Congas, Shaker and Taikos bring lots of dynamic and vibrancy to your music.

Drum computer(s)
A complete set of rock and jazz drums plus a wide range of electronic sets offers the right groove for rehearsals, jams and musical composition.

Virtual synthesizers
Use the virtual synths to create leads, cinematic sounds, abstract audio worlds, euphoric sequences, grating basslines and oscillating pads.

Orchestra instruments
Wood clarinets, pianos or a full ensemble: Set an accompaniment to your songs with melodies played by classical and modern orchestra instruments.

Soundtrack instruments
Mystical soundscapes, kinetic percussion. Samplitude Music Studio delivers the right instruments for creating the perfect musical backdrop for video and gaming soundtracks.

New features in Samplitude Music Studio 2020:

Automation lanes
Automation for track and effect parameters can be operated in lanes inside the audio track.

Plug-in browser
The new plug-in browser offers easy and fast access to all your effects and instruments.

MIDI features
Clearer overview, direct access to MIDI functions and simple plug & play operation for MIDI devices.


• Record on up to 16 mono tracks or 8 stereo tracks simultaneously
• Music production with virtual instruments, sounds & loops
• NEW: Automation lanes
• NEW: Plug-in browser
• NEW: Improved MIDI options & functions
• NEW: 10 virtual Instruments
• NEW: 6 Soundpools with sounds & loops

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