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ProtaStructure Suite Enterprise 2019 SP2 建築鋼結構設計軟件
Prota Software团队发布了针对ProtaStructure 2019的更新,这是一种创新的结构BIM解决方案,可供结构工程师快速准确地建模,分析和设计建筑物。




- ProtaStructure基于一个模型。它允许您以更快的速度和简单性对简单或复杂的混凝土和钢结构建筑进行建模。

- 该软件与其他公认的BIM系统(如Autodesk Revit,Tekla Structures,ArchiCAD和最新数据格式以及IFC)持续通信和修改模型。


 关于Prota Software Inc.自1985年以来,我们一直为结构工程师和绘图专业人士提供创新解决方案。通过革命性的软件解决方案,包括ProtaStructure,ProtaDetails,ProtaSteel和ProtaBIM,全球数以千计的工程师,CAD技术人员和项目创新者选择Prota软件用于钢结构和混凝土建筑设计,细节设计和结构BIM协作。


ProtaStructure Suite Enterprise 2019 SP2 |
Languages: english, türkçe
The Prota Software team has released an update to ProtaStructure 2019, is an innovative structural BIM solution for structural engineers to model, analyze and design buildings quickly and accurately.

About ProtaStructure. ProtaStructure provides as an inventive structural BIM solution for structural engineers to model, analyze and design buildings perfectly and rapidly.

The ProtaStructure allows you to simply compare various schemes and automate your steel and concrete design from one central model, decreasing design time and raising the profitability of the project. Also provides some advanced integrated features like grouped member design, 3D FE Analysis, staged construction and seismic design, foundations and punching shear checks to instantly create results.

The software manages the changes easily and continuously coordinates the projects with architects, owners and other stakeholders with intelligent BIM integration and offers the following exclusive features :

- ProtaStructure is based on one model. It allows you to model simple or complex concrete and steel buildings with greater speed and simplicity.
- The software continuously communicate and modify models with other recognized BIM systems like Autodesk Revit, Tekla Structures, ArchiCAD and latest data formats along with IFC’s.

Employ various interactive features like auto grouping, iterative transformed section design, and merged core walls to make the best use of building design. Swiftly evaluates a wide array of design alternatives to set up the most cost-effective solution for your clients. Apply physical objects together with trusses, beams and slabs to produce and visualize models rapidly and effectively.

About Prota Software Inc. At Prota we’ve been delivering innovative solutions to structural engineers and drafting professionals since 1985. With revolutionary software solutions including the ProtaStructure, ProtaDetails, ProtaSteel, and ProtaBIM thousands of engineers, CAD technicians and project innovators across the world choose Prota software for their steel and concrete building design, detailing and structural BIM collaboration.

At Prota we’ve been delivering innovative solutions to structural engineers and drafting professionals since 1985.

Product: ProtaStructure
Version: Suite Enterprise 2019 SP2
Supported Architectures: 32bit / 64bit
Website Home Page :
Language: english, türkçe
System Requirements: PC *
Supported Operating Systems: *
Size: 619.6 mb

* Software and Hardware Requirements:
- Since ProtaStructure and ProtaDetails make use of latest graphical visualization techniques, a dedicated graphics card supporting OpenGL and DirectX is recommended for better performance.
- Our software can run both on 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows Vista, 7 and 8. At least 1GB free disk space and 4GB RAM is needed. A CPU with multi-core support is also recommended, for example an I5 or I7 processor.
- A screen resolution of 1280x720 pixels and higher is required. We recommend an HD screen (1920x1080) for the best user experience.