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Xenon 11 SP0 Build 1111 2019 x86/x64 Multilanguage-一款功能強大的關聯建模軟件
Xenon11是一款功能強大的關聯建模軟件,它是基於Argon中的所有內容構建,Xenon通過啟用設計數據之間的關聯性來提供其他功能。關聯性是在原始幾何體和生成的形狀之間創建的透明關係。這些關係存儲在歷史樹中,以便在整個設計中傳播對原始形狀的任何修改。使用Design Explorer查看曲線,曲面和固體的歷史記錄樹。關聯性是通過修改快速探索設計概念和迭代的關鍵組件。可輕鬆提高設計人員的工作效率,Xenon具有智能的基於歷史記錄的關聯性,可加快設計修訂過程並有助於設計管理。Ashlar通過引入Argon、Xenon和Cobalt.來擴展Vellum系列產包含建模器的所有基本功能。 Xenon和Cobalt在該基礎上增加了功能,大大提高了某些設計流程的生產力。它們的差異是為產品設計師提供的價值和選擇,因為他們的獨特環境經常具有不同的設計工具要求。

x86,x64 | languages:Multilanguage | 
Our Xenon 3D modeling software offers supreme design flexibility, speed, and ease of use in our unique Organic Workflow™ design process. For both Macintosh and Windows, Xenon lets designers work freely without worrying about how to run their software. In a world where highly customized, one-off products rule, Xenon reigns supreme. Save time and money as you move from concept through completion easier than in any other 3D design software.

For those doing highly stylized concepts with a great degree of customization, Xenon offers the best of Cobalt’s 3D modeling features at a more moderate price. Xenon provides supreme design flexibility and speed, without Cobalt’s high-end mechanical functions, like equation-driven parametrics and mechanical parts library. The mid-point of the Ashlar-Vellum™ 3D modeling product line, Xenon offers full associatively and a history tree for easy design revisions.

System Requirements:
OS:Windows 7 SP1 / 8.1 / 10 (x32 or x64)
Memory:512 MB RAM Required / 2 GB Recommended
Space:1 GB Free Hard DriveSpace Required / 4+ GB Recommended

Whats New:
-Up to 25% faster on zooms, pans and selects—the things you do most
-Support for the latest operating systems including Mac 10.14 Mojave and Windows 10
-Support for the latest DXF/DWG up to AutoCAD 2019
-Miscellaneous bug fixes and feature enhancements

Xenon 11 SP0 Build 1111 (x86/x64) 2019 Multilanguage