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Extreme Movie Manager Multilingual-視頻管理軟件
eXtreme Movie Manager可以幫您建立影片收藏數據庫,可以管理 DivX、XviD、DVD、VHS、SVHS、VCD 或雷射光盤,其MagicScript技術,可以幫您從網絡上取得影片的相關信息,如:圖片、封面等等。

eXtreme Movie Manager 也許是最強大的管理你的電影收藏的軟件。你可以給任何格式的視頻編制目錄,比如DivX DVD, VHS, SVHS, VCD 或者帶有詳細信息的激光光盤。eXtreme Movie Manager 不僅僅是一個電影/視頻管理器,它也是一個電影和演員數據庫以及封面管理器。你可以記錄你喜愛電影和演員的擴展信息。使用專有的“魔術腳本”技術,它使你可以從所有在線電影數據庫中重新找到你要的電影信息(特別是圖片和封面)。eXtreme Movie Manager 也可以直接從AVI, OGG, MPEG, RealMedia 和 IFO (DVD) 文件中讀取信息。這意味著你只需輕鬆點擊就可以導入視頻/音頻多媒體數字解碼信息。

eXtreme Movie Manager is a powerful movie database manager that allows you to organize your collection by entering the information manually or by retrieving details from the Internet. Manage all your Movies / TVShow in your Hard Disk, USB Devices, Original DVD, Blu-Ray Discs, VHS and more!

All New Design, XMM has been rewritten from scratch.
Now you have More Skin to choose and a new clean and simple Interface.

Catalog your Ripped Movies by Simply Scanning your Devices...
Device scanner is new, now is more smart and can automatically catalog all your collection (Ripped Movies, DVD, Blu-Ray, NAS, Networked Media Tanks etc...)

We love TV Shows, We have made the new Device Scanner able to catalog automatically all your collection.
Collecting TV Series is now just a click away. With the built-in functions to extract automatically TV Shows Title, Season, Episode number and Episode Titles will really extremely easy add everything to your database.

New MagicScript Engine!
Import all information from internet like cast, crew, pictures, fanart, trailers is now more easy. XMM will work in background, will import all movies info from your favourite website automatically. You have just to add Movies, the other things will be managed by XMM. It will prompt you only in case there are more sources for a movie.

Browse you collection ONLINE, anywhere and share with your friends!
With the "My Website" function you can create your collection in one click. With the built in FTP Manager XMM will take care of uploading everything in your server, automatically.

Watch Trailers direcly with XMM
Import the trailers with scripts in your language and watch inside the MovieCard.

Powerful tools!
We have made powerful tools to export your collection in Android, iPhone, NMT Devices, XBMC etc... Browse your collection in Popcornhour Products! (Work also with other NMT)! With the built in My NTM Device Function XMM will create webpages and will sincronize with your NTM. Export your collection in XML, My Films will read it and show your collection!

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