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AIDA64 Extreme / Engineer 5.99.4900 Final Multilingual

x著名硬件測試工具AIDA64迎來了5.x 首個正式版,完整版本號為5.x。AIDA64 5.30增加了對Windows10正式版和Windows Server 2016的支持,並完善了對包括英特爾Skylake、AMD Radeon R9 Fury系列產品在內的多個硬件產品的支持。


AIDA64 5.30.3500穩定版更新日誌:
• 支持Win10 RTM正式版和Windows Server 2016 RTM
• Intel Skylake、Broadwell-H處理器支持64位AVX2、FMA指令集加速
• 優化英特爾Braswell和Cherry Trail處理器64位基準測試
• 64位基準測試支持AMD Nolan APU AVX/SSE指令集加速
• 改善Intel Braswell, Broadwell-H, Cherry Trail, Skylake CPU支持
• 初步支持AMD Stoney APU
• 初步支持Intel Cannonlake, Goldmont and Skylake-E/EN/EP/EX處理器
• 支持AMD Radeon Rx 300 和R9 Fury系列以及nVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti, Tesla M60

AIDA64 Extreme / Engineer Edition 5.x | 33 MB

AIDA64 (former EVEREST) - the utility is a powerful tool for identification and testing of virtually all components of personal computers running operating systems Windows. Gives you detailed information about all the hardware and software, in addition, with built-in modules for testing and calibration can be further tested the individual subsystems PC. Displays detailed information about all the hardware and software installed on your system.

- Level information about motherboard and CPU
- Details of the video drivers and monitor
- Information about all storage devices
- Exhaustive information about network adapters, multimedia and input devices
Information about other glands (PCI, PnP, PCMCIA, USB)
- Details of Windows, including the date of installation, the license key and more
Information about network shares, users and groups list, and much more
- Large amount of information about networking status, remote access, network resources and Internet settings
- Detailed information about installed programs, scheduled tasks and startup programs
- Information about operating system security
- A list of firewalls, anti-spyware and anti-
- System Stability Test
- CPUID Panel
- Hardware monitoring
- Benchmarks CPU and FPU
- Tests of memory
- Module performance test drive
- Detection of possible misconfiguration and compatibility issues of hardware and software
- Report Wizard
- Mailing and printing

Release notes:
Thermaltake DPS-G sensor support
Hardware Monitoring / new items: CPU65..CPU80 Utilization
Storage / SMART / special support for Crucial MX200 SSDs
preliminary support for AMD Nolan APU
USB-IDE bridges support disabled on a few Kodak printers
motherboard specific sensor info for Asus B85M-K Plus

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