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Adobe Premiere Elements 2020 v18.0 MacOSX 視頻制作工具
Adobe® Premiere® Elements 製作出色影片變得如此簡單。使用省時省力的自動化智能選項創建自己的影片。以專業的效果和聲音為故事添彩。以交互式在線體驗、DVD、Blu­ray 光盤、移動設備和 YouTube™ 形式與朋友及家人分享影片。輕鬆管理所有視頻剪輯和照片

Team: TNT | Oct 26 2019 | 

Amazing movies. Fun creations. Forever memories. It’s never been easier to make incredible movies and creations.
Dive in and do it all. Enjoy auto-generated video creations. Make your videos look great with intelligent editing options. Turn them into fun creations. Organize them effortlessly. And quickly share them in memorable ways.

Explore new video editing features.

Improve grainy videos
Shot your video in low light? Make it look more crisp with a simple drag and drop of the Reduce Noise effect.
Animate skies in your photos
Replace static skies with moving ones to create an eye-catching effect.
Fill the frame to match your video
Bring a vertical clip or photo into a horizontal video (or vice versa) so it looks seamless. Black bars are filled in to match the look of your video.
Create dynamic time-lapse videos
Turn a series of photos or videos into a time-lapse that speeds up the action.
Find videos faster with Smart Tags
Your videos are auto-tagged based on subjects like sunsets, birthdays, dogs, cats, and more. Powered by Adobe Sensei AI technology.
Find by faces
The faces in your videos are automatically recognized during import, and then the videos are stacked by person so it’s easy to tag and find them later. Powered by Adobe Sensei.
Expanded HEIF and HEVC support
Import and edit HEIF photo files and HEVC video files on Windows as well as macOS.
Compatibility: macOS 10.13 or later 64-bit