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System Monitor 2.6 MacOSX 實時系統監控工具
System Monitor for Mac是MacOS菜單欄的應用程序,旨在不間斷地通知您計算機的活動。您可以隨時檢索最新的技術數據,例如進程負載,CPU溫度,主內存消耗,存儲空間,磁盤活動,網絡接口上的通信等。通過將應用程序定位在菜單欄中,至少屏幕真實遺產儘可能被浪費。程序會持續監控您的系統,並在需要時隨時可用。
如果需要,System Monitor for Mac還可以模擬菜單欄中的硬盤驅動器或網絡插槽的閃爍活動指示燈。這是可能的顏色或完全集成到macOS的設計 - 在不顯眼的黑白。在Macintosh計算機上錯過此功能的PC切換器可以輕鬆地使用System Monitor for Mac來改進此功能。

System Monitor 2x | MacOSX | 
System Monitor is an application for the menu bar of OS X, designed to inform you unobtrusively about the activity of your computer. You can retrieve up-to-date technical data any time, like process load, main memory consumption, storage space, disk activity, communication on network interfaces, etc. By positioning the app in the menu bar, minimum screen real estate is wasted. The program monitors your system continuously and is readily available when you need it.

If desired, System Monitor can also simulate the flickering activity lights of hard drives or network sockets in the menu bar. This is possible either in color or, perfectly integrated into the design of OS X, in inconspicuous black-and-white. PC switchers who miss this feature on Mac computers can easily retrofit this function with System Monitor.

Version 1.70:
-Full compatibility with macOS 10.12.1 and later, including support for computers with Touch Bar
-Corrected a possible problem where spacing elements were shown at a wrong position in the configuration bar for menu items after history or bar graphs have been set to non-standard widths
-Corrected a problem where the secondary color in history graphs could not be distinguished from the primary color in specific color schemes of specific operating system versions
-OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard is no longer supported

Compatibility: OS X 10.6.8 or later

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